Two Effects of Polar Ice Caps Melting

Polar Ice Caps Melting

Polar Ice Caps Melting

What are the Effects of Polar Ice Caps Melting?

This world is ever changing. So many things have changed including nature. One of the changes in nature that is talked about is polar ice caps melting in the Arctic regions. With the ice caps melting at an alarming rate serious environmental effects could happen. It is therefore good to know what these possible effects will be so that it will be easier to understand why the melting of the ice caps is no minor problem.

Some departments of the governments have made researches about the polar ice caps melting. The NRDC or Natural Resources Defense Council has stated that if the rate of the melting caps still continues then by the end of this century the Arctic will have summers that are ice-free. Since 1979 the polar ice cap has already melted by an alarming 20 percent.

 Polar Ice Caps Melting Effect on Global Temperatures

The effects of the polar ice caps melting are not to be belittled because they could affect the whole world. For example, the climate of the whole Earth could be adversely affected. The polar ice caps have the ability to reflect the sunlight back into space and this ensures that the climate of our planet is not too hot. However, with the melting ice caps the sunlight is starting to be absorbed more by the ocean and land and due to this the Earth is becoming warmer. Then like a domino effect when the Earth becomes warm, more of the ice caps will melt and the cycle starts all over again. It can already be noted that the average temperature today is already increasing compared to past climate records.

Polar Ice Caps Melting Effect on the Oceans

As far as the effect of polar ice caps melting into the oceans is concerned it can be noted from NRDC that oceans would have higher levels. When the glaciers and the ice sheets in the Arctic melt the water of the oceans rise up thus leading to possible flooding, beach erosion and contamination of the freshwater bodies. Because the sea levels will rise up those who are near or at sea level will have a major problem since those areas may be flooded.

These are only 2 examples of the effects of polar ice caps melting. The other effects of polar ice caps melting are on the ecosystems, the ozone layer and more that we will cover in future articles and updates.


Polar Ice Caps Melting



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