Polar Ice Caps Melting and Smoke Belching

Polar Ice Caps Melting

Polar Ice Caps Melting

When you look at the issue of  polar ice caps melting, it might seem that smoke belching from fossil fuels is not even closely related to thre ice melting. Scientists studying global warming, however, would highly disagree. In the early stages of our planet, the only type of air pollution that affected the atmosphere was volcano eruptions and brush fires. Even then, these events were natural and all a part of the cycle. Climates were not affected deeply by these events, and they remained in harmony with the flora and fauna of the world.


However, with the advancement of technology and transportation, smoke pollution has contributed to the destruction of the environment. No matter how much trees can take in carbon dioxide, there are simply not enough forests to deal with the rate of smoke belching out acroos the planet now. This smoke pollution then increases the green house gasses that are affecting the climate of the world. The more the smoke belches out, the hotter the world gets, and the bigger the chance of polar ice caps melting. This threatens the earth’s natural climate balance and may lead to some very adverse effects. These affect could mean longer winters, hotter summers, and more frequent rains become the norm.


It would seem absurd for this to occur, but it is happening right now, and we all have to do our part in reducing the effects. If we reduce using fossil fuels, less smoke will be produced. This can happen through the use of alternate power sources like solar energy, or even wind farms. Natural energy reduces the use harmful gasses, and it is also a renewable source, rather than being finite.

Recycling your trash will also reduce the polution created burning that waste material. We can all play a part in helping to reduce global warming. For example, you could start a recycling drive within your neighbourhood, or join a car pool. All of these simple acts can help reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses and help prevent even more polar ice caps melting.

If you want to be able to play your part in the prevention of polar ice caps melting then research more about global warming and green actions that can help stop global warming. Get people to join in with you and your collective action may help bring about a true reduction in greenhouse gas emmissions.


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